Spa Services: Hair Removal Basics


Summer’s almost here. As hemlines shrink, the demand for smooth, hair-free skin soars, which is why hair–removal services are the bread and butter of spas and salon at this time of year.

“Hair removal is a billion-dollar industry,” says Gregory Cartwright, owner and founder of Koru Touch Spa in Statesville, North Carolina. “Hair will always grow, and clients want perfection when addressing that, whatever their chosen method of removal.”

Spa owners know that clients have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the right vehicle for them: namely, waxing, threading, sugaring, lasering and electrolysis. Employing any of these services in your spa can help boost revenue, as the profit margins can be generous.

“Margins on hair removal services such as threading and waxing can run between 30%-40%, with the biggest expense being labor,” says Eva Kerschbaumer, owner and master esthetician for and the Delray Day Spa in Delray Beach, Florida. “Although hair removal requires constant maintenance and requires constant refilling of supplies, it is definitely our most popular segment.”

We got the lowdown on five methods of hair removal from spa pros to see what keeps clients coming back for more.