courtesty Repechage

Repêchage Four-Layer Facial

Since its inception 30 years ago, this steadfast service has never ceased to inspire raving devotees. Cosmopolitan UK has decreed it the best facial of the century, and spa-goers seeking intensive hydration and antiaging action continue to line up at spas across the U.S. and Europe for Repêchage's signature, seaweed-laden service (60 min./about $115). It starts with a layer of seaweed filtrate, created from freshly harvested laminaria digitata, which softens lines and adds moisture. Next, the esthetician performs a three-movement, circulation-boosting massage. A fresh seaweed mask is then applied to soothe, tone and clarify the skin. Then a mineral mask is applied atop it, further activating the properties of the seaweed mask, and providing gentle warmth, too.

Sometimes, consultant Braden points out, contacting your skincare suppliers can help you further customize your menu. "They know their products even better than you do, and can help you dig deeper into the history, characteristics and benefits of specific ingredients. You may unearth common denominators that align with fan favorites and allow you to create your own 'cult' facial."

Another menu-writing tip? Ask your esthetician to provide a list of common client questions, complaints and needs. Then angle your treatment descriptions around these concerns. Sometimes, Braden says, you may end up highlighting a different set of benefits than those provided by your skincare manufacturer.