Universal Contour Wrap

Spa Utopia

Universal Contour Wrap
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Spa: Spa Utopia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
• Measure the client, recording her dimensions on a personal treatment card.
• Wrap the client from the neck down in bandages soaked in SeaClay Solution.
• Dress the client in a vinyl suit and booties, and have her lie, slightly elevated, on her back, covered by a duvet or blanket.
• During the waiting period, perform a mini-facial, ensuring that she remains warm and comfortable.
• Leave the client in the bandages for an additional 30 minutes.
• Uwrap the client, providing a robe and towel.
• Remeasure the client, recording her results on the treatment card.
• Give the client her results and discuss aftercare instructions, such as showering in tepid water and limiting the use of soap for three days while the clay solution continues to work; drinking two to three quarts of water; avoiding caffeine, alcohol, carbonation, sugar, salt and fatty foods; and using products from the Apres Care line.

Why Clients Love It: “Our guests have been pleased and excited with their results, seeing a 6.25- to 14-inch loss in one session,” says Leisa Dawiskiba, director of skincare therapy at Spa Utopia. “Even our guests who have been skeptical about the 30-day [inch loss] guarantee have been pleasantly surprised!”