Spa Treatments: Catering to Male Athletes

Willow Spa

Spa: Willow Spa, Santa Monica, CA

Service: Willow Enzyme Bath + Athlete’s Stretch ($166/ 105 min.)

Key Benefits: The dry bath (filled with wood shavings, rice bran, and fruit and vegetable enzymes) naturally heats to about 120 degrees to provide a host of benefits: cardio (a session offers the equivalent of running one mile), injury prevention, shorter recovery time and overall body detoxification.

Ideal Client: “The Enzyme Bath is great for athletes in any phase of training, offering repair and relaxation while stimulating the healing process and protecting muscles,” explains co-owner Wendy Reeves.

Treatment Highlights: Because the dry heat opens muscles on a deeper level than does steam, the post-bath stretch can also reach deeper. The Athlete’s Stretch, which utilizes Thai massage techniques, can include the Foundation Stretch (lower body), the Summit Stretch (upper body) or both.

Selling Points: Before treatment, athletes receive a 15-minute foot soak and massage to unwind.

Bonus Points: Clients love the comfortable loungewear: Pants and tops instead of traditional robes, which make both sexes comfortable in common areas.