Spa Services: Seasonal Specialties


Your staff should be your go-to idea source when coming up with seasonal treatments. After all, they connect with clients on a regular basis and are likely to be in the know about new products and cutting-edge treatments. When creating holiday specials, the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in Berkeley, California, consults with its lead therapists.

“We ask them, ‘What do your clients need at this time of year? What is fun, interesting and new? Are there any new products we should be trying out?’” says spa director Stacey Parks. The entire spa team is then included in the research and development of the treatments. “We have play time! We go into a room, test everything out and create the protocol together,” Parks explains. “It’s then that we really see our people impassioned about what our therapists do. They get to be creative and 100% present. Creating these seasonal specials keeps them engaged and excited.”