Spa Services: Hair Removal



Despite its sweet star ingredient, sugaring is quite a potent and effective method of hair removal. The all-natural, paste-like formula typically consists of sugar, lemon juice, corn syrup and water. “Sugaring removes hair by the root, so it’s not as thick when it grows back,” says Gregory Cartwright, owner of Koru Touch Spa in Statesville, North Carolina. “When performed regularly, sugaring will thin the hair and eventually stop re-growth altogether.”

Why clients choose it: “Clients love that this service is non-irritating and doesn’t leave them with in-grown hairs,” says Cartwright. “Typically, hair grows back after about three weeks, but it's light and more feathery.”

Pre-and post-care recommendations: ”The success of sugaring depends on the exfoliation and hydration of the skin,” explains Cartwright. “Sugar adheres to dead skin cells, and we want to make sure that only the unwanted hair is removed. Often I’ll advise clients to book an exfoliating body treatment two days before the hair removal service.” Post-sugaring, activities such as tanning and working out are blacklisted for 24 hours, as they can cause irritation to the treated area.

Common misconceptions: “Many clients book this service in the belief that it’s a magical formula that simply dissolves or melts off hair,” says Cartwright. “I have to explain to them that sugaring is not like applying a hair-removal product from a bottle.”