Spa Services: Hair Removal



Although threading has only recently gained popularity in the Western hemisphere, the roll-and-pluck method dates back hundreds of years as an ancient Middle Eastern method of hair removal.

Why clients choose it: “Threading is especially appealing to sensitive-skinned clients, who may be prone to irritation from waxing,” says Eva Kerschbaumer, owner and master esthetician for and the Delray Day Spa, in Delray Beach, Florida. “It’s a more natural and simple method, with no chemicals involved—just string. It’s perfect for clients who use retinol, as it doesn't remove layers of the skin the way waxing can. The re-growth process is also slower [about four to six weeks], making for easy upkeep.”

Pre-and post-care recommendations: ESSpa esthetician and star threader, Marilyn, advises clients to thoroughly cleanse the area being threaded prior to treatment. “Post-treatment, I just tell them to keep cool compresses on the area and avoid applying makeup for the next couple of hours or so.”

Common misconceptions: “People imagine threading will be an extremely painful experience,” says Marilyn. “But, it’s really not unlike waxing or sugaring in that the level of pain depends on the client. Also, many estheticians hold the thread in their mouth, which can be off-putting to someone who has never had the service, as it can seem unsanitary, even though the part of the thread that has had contact with the mouth never touches the guest's skin.”