SPA PRODUCTS: Partners in Green


As a manufacturer of wood-based treatment tables, EarthLite is particularly sensitive to the issue of sustainability. The company utilizes only farmed and renewable wood sources in its products—rainforest hardwoods or wood from old growth forests are never touched. And, to help maintain its carbon-neutral status, EarthLite plants a tree for every table it builds in its three global facilities.

The other materials used in the company’s tables are just as environmentally sound, from its CFC-free foams and PU vinyls, to its earth-friendly lacquers and glues. And within EarthLite’s manufacturing operations, recycling is a foregone conclusion—and that includes wood scraps, aluminum, glass and paper products.

EarthLite’s efforts to minimize its impact continue, say its founder, Tomas Nani. “We made a number of Earth-friendly changes in our product line and sourcing, including our new, [trademarked) PVC-free NaturSoft and Nature’s Touch vinyl lines and an Earth-friendly global sourcing network,” Nani says. “We’re proud of our efforts in this area and, of course, our work to harmonize with the environment will only increase with time.”