SPA PRODUCTS: Partners in Green


At SpaRitual, “environmental and social awareness” is more than a buzz phrase—it is the company mantra. “For us, being conscious is not enough. We are active participants in a global movement to change the way business is conducted, and are constantly on the lookout for ingredients and processes that lessen our impact on the environment,” says Shel Pink, founder.

SpaRitual’s facilities are designed to conserve, says Pink. “The new roof installed at each facility has a reflective white coating to eliminate excessive air conditioning,” she explains. “The addition of skylights throughout the distribution facility minimizes daytime lighting. In addition, light motion sensors turn lights on and off.” Energy-efficient air conditioning is installed in office areas, and restroom toilets consist of low-water, gallons-per-minute certified units. Timers, sensors and thermostats also conserve energy, and automated process controls are employed to accurately regulate heating and cooling cycles in manufacturing.

SpaRitual uses FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified materials to create its packaging, literature and marketing materials. “And we maintain relationships with print vendors who are FSC-certified,” adds Pink.

Pink believes that sustainability is a lifestyle and a calling, and stresses that SpaRitual is committed to spreading the word. “While we’ve always been green, we strive to be greener. We encourage our partners and customers to be more conscious about their business practices and buying habits,” she states. “We don’t look for a reward for our practices, as we hope that every business will adopt these types of changes.”