Spa Business: Water Depletion & the Spa Industry


Water Saving Bonus Tips

Day spas must take water shortages seriously and become more “water wellness-aware,” believes Rice, of Malibu C. Here are her top tips for owners:

  • Introduce products that are concentrated with powders and crystals and use your own water to activate them. This not only provides freshly activated ingredients, but also reduces the water footprint in shipping from the manufacturer to the distributor to you.
  • Install an instant water heater so that nothing is wasted while waiting for water to get to the correct temperature for the service or treatment.
  • Update estheticians’ protocols so that water isn’t allowed to continuously run while beginning or ending a service, especially when lathering and rinsing.
  • Invest in motion-activated faucets for bathrooms, which not only save water, but improve the value of the space.