Spa Business: Water Depletion & the Spa Industry


A Changing Water Supply

Michael Stusser, principal at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary in Freestone, CA, attributes today’s water shortage crisis in part to rapid shifts in supply and demand, and to our water supply being tainted by techniques such as fracking, a natural-gas extraction method that can compromise the safety of groundwater. “Our planet’s water supply seriously jeopardized right now; water quality and quantity is diminishing at a rapid rate,” Stusser states. “Whether governments or private companies manage this resource, the cost to do so will be astronomical.”

Tom Porter, founder and president of Mailbu C at Malibu Wellness in Malibu, CA, has had his eye on this issue for years, and feels that spa owners in particular should take notice. “These challenges already exist, yet most owners are just waking up to the reality of how the issue is affecting their services and clients,” he says, especially when it comes to the makeup of the water itself. “In drought conditions, when water becomes restricted, the ratio of minerals to water increases, allowing more oxidation of minerals on the hair, scalp and skin—triggering irritations, damage and even disease of the external body,” Porter explains. “Water with high concentrations of minerals, along with chlorine, is now coming into more than 80% of U.S. homes.”