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mature makeup ideas
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THE LOOK: Mature Beauty

Women of a certain age are acutely aware of it, and likely come to you to help stave off Father Time’s hand (or at least slow it). When making up your mature clients, be sensitive as to how much they want to conceal and reveal. Many women celebrate the laugh lines that mark their years; others seek a smooth canvas. Getting to know the individual is the key to success with these guests.

What’s the best makeup approach for an older spa client?
Towne: Creating the illusion of youth on experienced skin is a delicate and intricate task. But the right skincare and cosmetic products will lift the features and build a plumper, fresher complexion.

Mayo: Mature skin needs to be well hydrated. Less is more for makeup, but not applying enough can leave the older client looking bland. She needs more color in her lips and eyes, but it must be tasteful and soft.

Panagos: Concealers must be applied with a light hand. Too much will make the client look older than not enough.

What’s the best way to talk to these guests about makeup services?
Towne: Before-and-after photos are a great selling tool for antiaging makeup. Women want to know what the possibilities are. I also suggest putting together some images of mature celebrities. The simple phrase, ‘You could wear that look,’ may be all you need to get her to try it.

Mayo: Host a brow clinic for your clients of this age. I find that brows are the biggest trouble spot in mature makeup. Mature brows should be applied in a feathery stroke with a pencil or brush to mimic hair; they shouldn’t carry an expression of their own.

Luque: Offer a free foundation match with any antiaging treatment.

Which spa services offer opportunities to talk to mature clients about makeup?
Towne: Peels and antiaging skin treatments make women feel good about themselves because they’re seeing and feeling results. If you’re guiding a client through a rejuvenating skincare regimen, she’ll most likely be excited to then learn about what can be achieved with antiaging makeup.

Geason: Brow shaping can lift a more mature face, and lip/chin waxes will remove the unwanted hairs that can come with age, creating a canvas ready for makeup.

Suggested beauty tools: Aveda Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Gilded Lotus, Osmosis Age Defying Treatment Concealer in Fair, Advanced Mineral Makeup Liquid Foundation & Blush in Nude, Brushes by Karen Brow Maker in Walnut, Mineral Mine Camoufleur paramedical cream concealer