Night Moves

Nevaeh's Lounge
NeVaeh Day Spa

NeVaeh Day Spa in Thorold, Ontario, Canada

Hours: Variable, but extended on Tues. & Wed., 9 a.m.-11 p.m.

Inspiration: “We were noticing that many of our clients weren’t able to rebook regularly due to their hectic work schedules,” says owner Marsha Coppola. “By remaining open until 11 p.m. two nights a week, we made it so much easier to rebook them.”

Clients: “We meet the needs of many different kinds of people,” says Coppola. “We see busy professionals who need to let loose and receive much-needed treatment time they’d put off. We see doctors on call who can take advantage of our late hours since they need to remain within a certain mileage range of the hospital, and we are in that range. And busy working moms love the nights—it’s guilt-free because it’s after dinner and cleanup. And their kids are usually asleep, so husbands aren’t left at home wondering what to do with them. It’s a win-win.”

Treatments: The services most requested for late-night appointments are hair removal, massages and facials. A favorite is the NeVaeh Relaxation Combo (60 min./$99.99), which combines Swedish massage with Thai foot massage. “This is one of the most popular services in the evening because clients are on their feet all day,” says Coppola, who opened her spa in September, 2007. The Dermalogica Core Face Treatment (60 min./$65) is another after-hours bestseller. “Clients can relax and unwind, then leave with no makeup on without worrying about running into someone they know,” Coppola explains, adding, “They can just go home, put on their jammies and not even have to wash their face or unwind before bed.”

Challenges: “I’ve had to limit evening appointments for male clients, due their mistaking us for ‘masseuses’ in the area who advertise that they are open late—but they’re open for a different kind of business,” explains Coppola. “We want to prevent that mistake from happening and keep our staff safe.”

Marketing: “We actually do not advertise or market the fact that we are open evenings,” admits Coppola. “I realize that may sound strange, but clients book months in advance to ensure their evening appointments, so we’re booked 4-6 weeks in advance! For us, it is all either word-of-mouth or clients who happen to notice our extended hours when they are booking online,” she adds.

What makes it work: Being brave and trying it. Staying open just two nights a week helps this spa stand out from the crowd. “I feel like NeVaeh Day Spa is unique in our region of Niagara because no other spa wants to try this,” Coppola notes.