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Spa Lady's Biggest Loser class
Spa Lady's Biggest Loser class

Spa Lady Fitness Center
Fords, NJ

Last February, inspired by the success and popularity of the TV show The Biggest Loser—and well aware that women are always interested in boosting their physical fitness regimens to gear up for summer—Spa Lady launched Powerball Biggest Loser, a 12-week program in which registrants could compete for the greatest body fat loss percentage. For a one-time fee of $59, participants attend two weekly classes specifically geared toward supporting weight loss, aimed to provide them with something close to the personal trainer experience, minus the hefty price tag. The more people who register, the bigger the monetary jackpot becomes for the ultimate winner. Registrants weigh in each week and keep food journals.

The concept proved an immediate hit; despite advertising only within the facility, nearly 40 people signed up for the first effort. “We’ve found that people are really motivated to complete the program, and that this program is self-sustaining,” says owner Ted Mayer. “After we pay our staff, the remainder goes in the pot; this time, the winner will receive about $300—a great motivator!”

After the program is complete, Spa Lady encourages the newly trimmed-down participants to join its nutritional support program, which combines coaching, accountability, exercise and nutrition—leading to further success for guests and an ongoing client base for the business. Mayer also promotes the facility’s other services to these guests, such as cellulite reduction treatments and body wraps, to complete the transformation, thereby boosting revenue for additional Spa Lady services.

Mayer says the Powerball Biggest Loser competition has helped to strengthen Spa Lady’s mission and values in the eyes of clients. “For the next challenge, we’ll advertise more in the community; our goal is to get 100 people to sign up,” he says. “And, because we’ve had so much success this time around, we know our participants are going to be well-prepped to refer their friends and family!”

Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, MS.

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