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Hot Trend #5: The Made-to-Order Pedicure

“Clients tend to seek a pedicure to relax and start the week fresh—what better way to satisfy them than by creating a pedicure cocktail that caters to their personality/lifestyle?” asks Cabezas. “This type of service offering will make each client feel that her pedicure is her very own.”

How to bring it: “Many spas are doing specialized pedicures in which they put special things in the water: concoctions with different antioxidants, fruits like blueberries or strawberries,” points out OPI’s Weiss-Fischmann. “It’s always fun to customize and then change it up. Every week, you could offer some specialized pedicure.”

“Creating a customized blend of products for clients gives the nail tech an advantage and can help build a good client relationship,” suggests Cabezas. “Formulas with complexes containing multiple vitamins to strengthen and nourish not only nails, but skin as well, is a great way to accomplish this.”

Suggested products: Duri Rejuvacote and Herbatherapy, and your own customized concoctions!