Spa Treatments: Pain Management Therapy


Align Spa in Park City, UT

A well-known destination for snow bunnies, Park City’s slopes host floods of skiers every winter—but constant wear and tear on their feet can quickly lead to discomfort. Hence, Align Spa’s Ski Boot Revenge (30 min./$35), a service that soothes the tired tootsies of tourists and locals alike after days of intense activity. Therapists begin by treating clients’ feet and legs to a hot Epsom salt soak, followed by an exfoliating and rejuvenating coffee salt scrub. The subsequent foot and leg massage concentrates on pressure points and employs deeper strokes to target soreness and break down lactic acid buildup. A paraffin dip provides a dose of healing heat before guests are invited to stand up and feel the difference.

Align advertises this treatment on its website, showcases it in popular packages, and relies heavily on cross-marketing with area hotels to generate referrals. “Before each ski season starts, we drop off information at all the hotels and resorts,” explains spa director Callie Sorensen. And, though the service was designed for skiers, the Ski Boot Revenge has become a year-round favorite with all manner of active-minded spa-goers. “A lot of people flock here in the summer to hike, so they benefit from it too,” Sorensen says. “We highly recommend it for relief of anyone’s foot or leg pain.”