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Affable and humble, this client may be sheepish at first, but he’ll try anything once. It usually takes female coercion to bring him in the first few times, but he’ll ultimately be very receptive to the wonderful benefits of spa-ing.

How do you market to him?
Through his significant other.

What does he seek in terms of facilities and spa staff?
Trent: Comfort and familiarity.

Kelley: Your newbie doesn’t really care, as long as you make him feel at ease and the treatment is amazing. If you’re doing your job right, he’ll soon turn into the Pretty Boy or the Rugged Individualist!

What services is he drawn to?
Kelley: A simple facial and Swedish massage will do fine.
Trent: Sports massage, nail cleaning... keep it masculine and basic.

How about upselling to him?
Trent: Sell him something for the woman in his life—he’ll feel guilty for indulging on himself, so go for gifts.

And to keep him coming back on a regular basis?
Bordeaux-Johlfs: Sell his wife or girlfriend gift certificates!
Trent: Couples treatments.


You may laugh, but market trends show that these wee ones (well, 18-25-year-olds) are quicker to head into the spa than their parents. After all, they’ve grown up in a world where men’s grooming is the norm.

How do you wrangle him and his peers?
Trent: Through social media—and use humor.
Fata: Be hip and educated on current trends. Show him that you know the latest and greatest, and he will want to come to you.

What’s his ideal spa environment?
Trent: A social scene.
Fata: He’s looking for a young and fresh place. Be creative; he may want to play Xbox while he waits. If your spa looks like it’s the coolest place on the block, then it will be.

What does he seek in a service provider?
Trent: Guidance.
Fata: Someone who can relate to him and is current and knowledgeable about the newest trends.

Does he have money to spend at the spa?
Kelley: We’ve tried to get the under-21 crowd on board, but it seems to be too much of a financial burden.
Fata: He wants to spend money on his appearance; treat him right when you do see him, and he’ll continue to come to you as he gets older and more successful.

How do you get him talking to his friends about your spa?
Bordeaux-Johlfs: Discounts and specials via tweets and Facebook offers that he can share with others.
Trent: Toss him a freebie for all the Facebook “likes” he generates.

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Carrie Borzillo is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles.

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