Attracting Mr. Right

Cary Grant
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


The original metrosexual, this client appreciates an unfussy approach. Looking his best and aging gracefully are of utmost importance to him.

What does this man want?
Trent: High design, fine ingredients and five-star service.
Fata: A clean environment and a place that looks ‘classy.’ He likes to be surrounded by other attractive, sharply dressed people.

What services should I recommend?
Kelley: The total package. To him I recommend an 80-minute Swedish Massage and our Signature Nickel Photo-Shoot Facial. Also, don’t forget the mani/pedi and, before he leaves we need to touch up those grays, so a trip to one of our stylists is a must.
Fata: He likes hot towel wraps and mini touches—that feeling that he’s getting a “little extra.”
Bordeaux-Johlfs: If he plays golf, he tends to be very interested in the sports massage benefits of our Golfer’s Massage. [Recipients of this service get to take home a golf ball signed by pro golfer Johnny Miller!] Also, anti-aging services.

What’s he looking for in a service provider?
Trent: Attention.
Fata: Someone who is clean and sharply dressed.

What’s his spa spending style?
Trent: He’ll give you his wallet for the latest, most exclusive products he loves.
Fata: Very willing. Your prices can reflect the quality work you do.
Bordeaux-Johlfs: He stands out as the biggest spender, and a great tipper too, as he understands the graciousness of leaving gratuity for service excellence.

How do you keep him coming back regularly?
Trent: Make him feel important.

What gets him to bring his dapper friends with him into the spa?
Trent: Make him look and feel “connected” whenever he refers or brings anyone in.

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