Attracting Mr. Right

James Dean
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


Spontaneous, always on the prowl for a new adventure or experience—and, many of these tough guys are actually health nuts!

How hard is to get him into your spa?
Trent: Not very. He knows how to please women, and women like spas.
Fata: Despite his persona, it’s fairly easy. Bad boys are typically attracted to other bad boys, so if you find a therapist or stylist who embodies this look, send him out there to help get the word out.

What helps reel him in?
Lowman: This group acts with absolute confidence. Highlight a service that’s unique, adventurous and that the average guy would not immediately choose. We offer a Three Part Recharging Massage with warm bamboo firmly rolled over his back and legs, followed by deep-tissue massage strokes, then a relaxing full-body rubdown. Heated bamboo and three massages in one—it’s irresistible to the bad boy!
Fata: If you have a grooming lounge, or any other masculine hangout area, partner with local restaurants and bars to get the word out!
Tom Kelley: Since we’re a men’s-only spa, we need to make sure that all men are comfortable coming in for treatments. We share a great deal of information via social media that allows our audience to pick and choose what they like. We try to get something out there for everyone at least once a week—think edgier photos and posts for this client.

What does this guy really want?
Fata: To be able to chill out—alcoholic beverages, cigars, entertainment and good music don’t hurt.
Bordeaux-Johlfs: A great sauna and steam room—consider pumping in fresh eucalyptus. And don’t leave men’s selections out of the boutique! I put these collections right in front, so men aren’t intimidated by all the female products and clothing. Ladies will go in to shop regardless!

What services would you suggest to him?
Fata: He tends to like facial hair, so I recommend a shape-up and beard trim that keeps his look rough, yet sculpted.
Trent: Anything detox, so he can retox.
Bordeaux-Johlfs: If you include “stress release” in the description, he’s more apt to book it.

What does he seek in a service provider?
Fata: Someone with a “badass style.” You need to present yourself like you have a little bit of that genre in you.

How about upselling to him?
Bordeaux-Johlfs: It’s about the vitality factor—that which makes him feel and look stronger. Talk about key ingredients, benefits and how home products will make him feel more vital.

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