Aloe Vera & Herb Detoxification Wrap

Boulevard Spa & Skin Care Clinic

Aloe Vera & Herb Detoxification Wrap
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Spa: Boulevard Boutique Spa & Skin Care Clinic, Albany, OR
• Have client stand for measuring and wrapping, wearing cotton undergarments.
• Measure each section of the body to gauge before-and-after size loss results, if desired.
• Take wrap cloths that have been soaking in heated Aloe-Herbal Solution and apply from the neck down, mummy-style, using only enough pressure for them to remain; no compression is needed.
• Clients can relax comfortably in the wrappings for 45 minutes. (Offer to schedule a facial or hand/foot treatment during this time.)
• Unwrap the client and instruct her to drink two to three quarts of water within 24 hours to further flush toxins.
• Clients who are looking for a complete detoxification program should schedule treatments every three to four days for a series of 12 wrap services.

Why Clients Love It: “It provides complete comfort and an unmatched soothing treatment, as well as amazing results that can be seen and felt following each wrap,” says Lindie M. Truex, owner of Boulevard Boutique Spa & Skin Care Clinic. “We have seen effective results for all clients.”