Meaning Well

People doing strength exercises

The local day spa has become more than a place to receive a relaxing massage or tackle skincare concerns; it is now increasingly charged with nurturing the whole self. Many day spas are moving toward a holistic health approach and proving this commitment to total well-being by offering a plethora of wellness programs to address clients’ most common health concerns: weight loss and maintenance, stress management, energy challenges, mind-body balance and general fitness. Long a staple of destination spas, these programs can be provided without benefit of massive budgets or weeklong stays. Moreover, they not only enrich clients’ lives, they transform entire communities—and create some of their own.

By working with local like-minded individuals and businesses, engaging guests and spreading the word, the four spas profiled here have shown that wellness programs needn’t be lengthy, expensive or complicated to deliver maximum impact for day spa clients and businesses. —Tracy Morin