The Art of the Spa Photo Shoot

man facial, jar of herbs
Trinette Reed Photography

When it comes to marketing your day spa, a stunning photograph can save you thousands of dollars! Why? Because humans are visual creatures. We want to see it before we try it. Even if you already have an inviting atmosphere, enticing treatment menu and top-notch staff, the one thing that can truly sell your spa to the masses is stunning imagery.

Not to say that words aren’t important. What you say on your website, social media channels and print ads certainly helps to market your spa. But a great photo will get guests in the door faster. Plus, attractive, engaging and informative photography may also make the difference between capturing media coverage and getting passed over. “Photos sell magazines,” notes Nancy Trent, president of Trent & Company. “Good photography can make or break the decision to include you; the better your pictures are, the better your chances.”

Have you noticed how hotel and resort spas tend to grab a lot more press attention than day spas? While their services and therapists likely aren’t superior to yours, they have the budgets for serious photography and publicity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your day spa camera-ready, too. To help you, DAYSPA enlisted help from seasoned spa pros, photographers and marketing gurus. Say cheese! —Carrie Borzillo