Spa Review: London Salt Spa

Combining nature and ingenuity, London Salt Spa brings halotherapy to a most <em>unsalty </em> place.


Trend Watch

Spa Treatments: Bee Venom Facials

Venom-based skin care—also known as apitherapy—has been all the rage across the pond ever since Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, famously got her Royal Wedding glow on with help from a bee venom facial. Hailed as “nature’s Botox,” bee venom purportedly tricks the skin into “recovering” from its sting by producing more collagen and elastin. As the trend is rapidly pollinating at spas stateside and beyond, DAYSPA swarmed in to get the scoop.



Spa RETAIL: DAYSPA’s 2013 Mother’s Day Gift Guide—Part 2

Our second installment of 2013’s Mother’s Day gift guide caters to those with a need for spa treats that do a body good. Take a gander at our top picks for the guest who wants to give the gift of luxurious body care.



GREEN SPA NEWS: The Cruelty-Free Skin Care Movement

The definition of “cruelty-free” can be murky. Here’s how to discern those products and ingredients that are truly animal-friendly.



Win Free Eco-Certified Products!

These spa goodies are certifiably good for the environment <em>and</em> clients.


Sticky Situations

Sticky Situation: Spa-Goer on the Lam

In this new weekly column, we present real-life day spa disaster scenarios, and reveal how pros dealt with each crisis.


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