Spa Treatments: Busting Cellulite Myths

Start talking with clients about cellulite and you’re likely to hear some common misconceptions about the condition. Seize such opportunities to set guests straight and in so doing, build upon a trusting relationship. Check out these bust-worthy myths!


Sticky Situations

Sticky Situation: Mole Alert

What's your course of action when you spot an unusual lump or mole on a client?



Spa Business: Water Depletion & the Spa Industry

With the world’s water supply dwindling, spas must make changes to effectively lower their consumption of this precious resource.<em>--Tracy Morin</em>


Trend Watch

Spa Trends: Fruity, Fun Pedicures

Taking inspiration from farmers’ markets, these spas’ pedicures are putting spring in their clients’ steps!



Spa Marketing: Teen Scene

Why wait for these potential clients to turn 21, when you can win their business and loyalty now?


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