Do you include gratuity in the price of spa services?


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Gratuity is a gift and should

Gratuity is a gift and should be treated as such!!! A gift for exceptional service!
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A business rather it be a

A business rather it be a Spa, Salon, Restaurant, etc.. who places a gratuity on their clients/customers total service bill has crossed the line and needs to revisit the definition of a tip/gratuity. A tip or a gratuity is a form of expressing or extending a thank you for great or exceptional service. Tip or gratuity is never a given. The business who places a percentage of their clients service ticket is in fact stealing from that client. Your service prices should reflect the market value in the market which your business is located, and said prices should be structured without expecting tips and gratuity. If I were a customer or a client of a business who took it upon themselves to add a tip/gratuity to my service total, I first would not pay it, and second I would never return. How dis-respectable to the public who you rely on for your income. If you rely on your tips and gratuity to supplement your employees income because you are not bringing in the revenue to pay employees without the need to tack on gratuity to your clients then you need to take that percentage of service totals and simply add that dollar amount to our menu and do away with gratuity. This is common sense.
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If its a corporate event I

If its a corporate event I add 15% gratuity but for private spa parties I let the customer decide. -Cameo