Help Dedicated Spa Owners Relieve Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Keith & André West-Harrison, longtime co-owners of Albuquerque's Great Face & Body, know what it is like to be hit by a natural disaster. After living though their own experience with Hurricane Katrina (Great Face & Body's first location was in New Orleans), and viewing CNN coverage of May 20's Moore, Oklahoma tornado disaster, the pair was overcome with bad memories of their own experience. So, they created to raise money for tornado victims in Oklahoma.

“We spent five weeks living in a basement in Indiana after our evacuation,” Keith recalls. “We know what the fear and shock of a disaster feels like.”

The funds raised by G*FAB (Great Face & Body) will be used to help area wellness, spa and salon professionals receive needed emergency aid for food, housing and support.

“Wellness professionals make their living helping others, but are often not as good at taking care of themselves or asking for help," explains André. "We are asking people to return the favor and help the wellness providers in Oklahoma."

After emergency needs are met, the West-Harrisons plan to use collected money to help everyone overcome the psychological toll of the disaster by purchasing healing services for providers. "We know this will make the long-term recovery easier," notes Keith. "Just $15 can help us provide for the thousands of medical, wellness, beauty and healthcare providers that have been hurt by the tornado."

For more information and to make a donation please visit or call Keith at 505-514-1800.