Consumers Set Their Sites


An eye-opening new report reveals that the spa-going public is making major use of marketing and discount groups to secure a satisfying spa experience.

The 2011 Global Spa Report, conducted by the marketing researchers at Coyle Hospitality Group, surveyed 1,025 well-traveled spa-goers from 34 countries to determine their preferences, habits and priorities. One of the obvious trends: consumers’ determination to do their own online research to find the exact spa, service and price they seek.

When queried about their preferred means of getting information about spas, respondents rated “search engines” first, but Groupon came in second at 52%, representing an enormous increase from last year’s 22% response, seemingly indicating that economic concerns are still driving consumer behavior.

Rounding out the top five online information sources were SpaFinder, LivingSocial and Facebook. Not surprisingly, the No. 1 reason for using those websites was to “find deals.” However, it seems that price isn’t the only consideration for web-savvy spa seekers. Cited next was “viewing spa menus,” “reading feedback” and “learning more about the spa in general.”

Coyle acknowledges that in the spa industry, emotion ultimately drives consumers and continues to affect their decision-making processes. Interestingly, the report noted the public’s unchanged, top motivation for booking spa time: relaxation and stress management.

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