Tracy Morin

Spa Treatments: Tech-Busting Services

Savvy spas embrace innovative treatment methods to combat those technology-related maladies cropping up among today’s über-connected clients.


Spa Treatments: Detox Programs

Find out how five different day spas are restoring wellness through multistep, comprehensive detox programs that help clients feel and look better—from the inside out.


SPA WELLNESS: Sun Screening

Learn the latest regulatory policies surrounding SPF labeling—and how your spa’s employees can become life-saving foot soldiers in the fight against melanoma.


SPA SERVICES: Comprehensive Body Contouring Protocols

Check out several multifaceted methods—ranging from wraps to infrared light—to help clients shed inches and sleeken up for summer.


GREEN SPA NEWS: The Cruelty-Free Skin Care Movement

The definition of “cruelty-free” can be murky. Here’s how to discern those products and ingredients that are truly animal-friendly.


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