Tamara Spa & Wellness

Sticky Situation: Hardship Cancellations

What do you offer a client who cancels their spa membership due to a personal hardship?


Sticky Situation: The Greedy Guest

What is your policy on free samples?


Sticky Situation: Free Ugrades

What do you do when you suspect an employee of giving free upgrades?


Sticky Situation: A Rowdy Bunch

What do you when a group's good time becomes disruptive to other guests?


SPA SERVICES: Topical Cellulite Treatment

In the first of this three-part series on body contouring, we explore how topical treatments can sleeken your clients’ outer lines—and bolster your bottom one.


Second Quarter Forecast 2012

<em>It’s a “buyer’s market” out there, and time to use that to your advantage.</em>


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