Lisa Starr

Spa Business: Eastern Evolution

China is on a growth upswing. But will that ultimately include the spa sector?


Spa Profile: Drew Patrick Spa

The owner of Drew Patrick Spa in Bayshore, New York, turned a spark of an idea into a local institution


Spa Managment: Reconsidering Compensation

Does your spa’s compensation plan need a remodel? Know your options before you decide.


Spa Management: Assessing Your IT IQ

When it comes to developing intelligence technology chops, spas can’t afford to sit on the sidelines.


DAYSPA's live blog from the 7th annual Global Spa & Wellness Summit in Delhi

This week marks the 7th annual Global Spa & Wellness Summit, taking place this year in the land of ayurveda, India.


Spa Conference in South Africa

For most people, hearing the words “South Africa” conjures images of vast plains filled with roaming wildlife, Nelson Mandela, the 2010 World Cup, and the infamous rugby team from the movie Invinc


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