Spa Marketing: Teen Scene

Why wait for these potential clients to turn 21, when you can win their business and loyalty now?


Spa Marketing: Utilizing YouTube

How to create, market and optimize a dynamic YouTube video.


Spa Marketing: Logo Logistics

Creating the perfect logo can be tricky. Here are 10 questions to consider before consulting a graphic designer.


Spa Marketing: Essential Social Media Outlets

Here's a look at five social media outlets you may want to consider for your business.


Spa Retail: A Package Deal

Product quality rules, but product packaging sells. Here are some tips on how to maximize a product package's sales potential.


WEB EXCLUSIVE: Win-Win Rewards Programs

Spa pros offer insight on how they reap the benefits of rewards programs.


How do you market skin care to menopausal clients?

Spa owners sound off on how they help ease clients’ change-of-life challenges via skincare and wellness offerings.


Spa Marketing: Charity Partnerships

The benefits of charitable giving in the business world are twofold: They’re good for the soul and for building your brand. Here’s how three spa pros have leveraged charity partnerships to boost their spas’ profiles.


Best Skin Care Product Reviews,  Hairmax Hair and Scalp Treatment

Spa PRODUCTS: Scalp Treatments

Professionals discuss ways to acknowledge the “noggin” via specialized services. Let’s take it from the top!


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