Spa Management: Spa Week Strategies

6. Become Aware of the Company's Resources

Over the years, Spa Week’s marketing tools have expanded beyond the biannual event to include year-round programs such as the Spa & Wellness Gift Card (now available in more than 20,000 retail locations nationwide), Spa Deals and a custom mobile phone app. “We participate in the Gift Card and Spa Deals throughout the year,” says Kay. “We get a lot of new clients who call in saying they heard of us through the Spa Week site.”

In August, Spa Week launched its All-Inclusive Membership Marketing Program. Through this service, spas can participate in six exclusive programs including Spa Week, monthly spa deals, premiere listings, the Spa & Wellness gift card, Online Booking, and the mobile app, for one monthly price. “This program came from direct feedback from our spa affiliates who were saying, ‘We want more, please give us more,’” says Reid. “It’s basically a one-stop shop for many spa marketing needs.”

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Angela Melero is DAYSPA’s assistant editor.