courtesy The Arcona Studio

Arcona's Signature Facial Contouring

The Hollywood buzz about Arcona's Signature Facial Contouring (50 min./$85) at The Arcona Studio in Los Angeles is that it's like a getting nonsurgical facelift—no knives involved. The signature technique uses Swedish massage on the cheekbones, jawline and forehead. It's described on the Arcona spa menu as a "deep muscle facial massage that incorporates acupressure and lymph drainage to provide a great antidote to gravity and a viable alternative to facial surgery." Arcona products draw on naturally active ingredients such as grape seed extract, and the likes of Diane Lane, Natalie Portman and Katherine Hegel have been known to book treatments prior to red-carpet fêtes to achieve the lift, hydration and freshness that the camera loves.

"The brilliance behind this facial is the massage," says Cecily Braden, spa menu consultant and owner of Beauty Secrets. "Many facial protocols do not afford the time to offer a proper facial massage, even though it's usually clients' favorite part, plus stimulating facial 'muscle memory' does wonders to provide natural lift and contour."

Braden adds, "The good news is that simply by refining your estheticians' facial massage skills, you can offer your clients a non-surgical face lift that also utilizes your current products. Try creating a facial that uses products that support your lift, contour and lymphatic drainage massage techniques."