Face Time

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Hydradvance Facial

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Spa: L’Institut Sothys, New York City
• Optional: Before preparing the mask, position Instant Heaters on the trapezius area or down the spine (do not allow the heaters to directly touch uncovered skin).
• Place one Hydra-Revealer Coin Mask in a small dish with Ultra Hydration Nectar; saturate mask before treatment. Also, prepare the Ultra Hydration Mask by mixing with Ultra Hydration Nectar.
• Apply Bi-phased Eye Make-up Remover and the appropriate cleanser and lotion for client’s skin type.
• Apply Hydra-Exfoliating Scrub; leave on for 5 minutes while massaging the shoulders/back of neck. Remove by placing a towel behind the back of the neck and performing circular movements, from the base of the neck to the forehead. Wipe and tone skin.
• Apply soaked Ultra Hydration Nectar + Hydra-Revealer Coin Mask onto face. Perform pressure-point massage over the compress. Remove compress, place on the neck and smooth with pressure, using the thumbs on the face. Remove and massage in remaining product with a succession of deep smoothing movements over face and neck.
• Apply Hydra-Generating Modeling to the face, neck, décolleté and shoulders, and perform a relaxing massage for 10-15 minutes.
• Apply Ultra Hydration Mask to face and neck; let sit for 15 minutes. Remove excess product with a spatula; rinse with a warm towel and tone skin.
• Rebalance skin with Hydradvance Light Cream, Hydradvance Comfort Cream or Nutritive Comfort Cream.

Why Clients Love It: “It employs the latest technological advances in gene science,” notes Trena Ross, spa director at L’Institut Sothys, adding, “This treatment offers a dual approach to hydration that’s ideal for all skin types and all ages.”