For (Young) Adults Only

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3) Cultivate the right environmental vibe.
There are many ways your day spa can “speak” to young people, starting with actual communication. Hire young staff members who will connect with their own. Train therapists to educate these clients—but not talk down to them.

The visual effect of your spa is key. Updated spa furnishings, a flat-screen TV in a waiting area and a retail area that resembles a hip urban boutique are all good calls. You also want to give these clients things to do. “The previous generation turned to the spa for respite from activity,” notes Trent, “but this crowd is looking for the opposite.” Make your spa feel like a hang-out, she suggests. Stock waiting areas with the right magazines, offer a variety of familiar snacks, and set up testing stations in your retail area to occupy restless clients (and orient them to your product lines). You might even provide free wi-fi access in areas that wouldn’t disrupt other guests. “The spa is no longer a cell-phone-free zone,” Trent says.

4) “Fun-tune” your treatments.
Tweaking your spa menu to appeal to younger spa-goers is easy, affordable and effective. The Bliss spa menu reinforces its “fun” approach with wink-worthy treatment names, such as The Blissage, Betweeny Wax and Fatgirlshrink Body Wrap. It also makes a variety of mini treatments and add-ons available that appeal to young clients who are time-starved and on a budget.

“Twenty-somethings are less likely to do things they don’t perceive as fun and entertaining, and they’ll definitely avoid anything scary, painful or requiring commitment,” Trent says. “So create services with that in mind.”

5) Keep it personal.
Despite how our society changes, spa clients young and old appreciate personal care, whether it’s an esthetician taking an extra 15 minutes to educate a client on her skin or a front desk staffer replying to a new client’s question on Twitter. “Whatever age a spa client is, they always appreciate results and personalized service,” Riego says. “They still make choices based largely on word of mouth.”

Heather Wood Rudúlph is a freelance writer based in Sacramento, California.

Party Menu

Attract young spa partiers with happy-hour themed treatment + entertainment packages they can’t resist!

Happy Hour Friday (admission + 20-min. mini treatment/$39), Dtox Day Spa, Los Angeles
Includes wine; refreshments; retail specials; choice of selected massage, skin or hand/foot mini treatment; additional treatment discounts (event is reserved and pre-charged)

Brazilian Waxing Happy Hour (admission + waxing service/$40 [$32 for members]), The Spa, Orlando, FL
Includes homemade Sangria, “munchies” and music; other Happy Hour themes include Chocolate, Oxygen Bar, Latin, Casino and Hookah

Girlfriend Happy Hour (admission + 20-min. mini treatment/$69 or 2 20-min. mini treatments/$109), Ocean Pearl Spa, Carlsbad, CA
Held twice a month, includes 2 cocktails/glasses of wine; appetizers; comfy robes; selected massage and/or facial

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