SPA PRODUCTS: Partners in Green


Jurlique’s stated mission is to provide the purest, most effective skin care through nature, science and innovation. “We believe in giving something back to the world by always seeking new ways to improve our business practices in line with our commitment to corporate and social responsibility,” stresses Richard Pietz, global director of product development. “Our main areas of attention are enacting positive environmental practices, and undertaking initiatives that support the empowerment of women and girls around the world to lead better lives.

“We have a motivated and active ‘Green Team’ at our manufacturing site and farm, that ensures we keep ourselves honest from an environmental perspective,” continues Pietz. “Our environmental sustainability policy is well-established, and everyone in the company is made aware of its importance to Jurlique upon employment.”

Jurlique follows strict organic farming principles on its biodynamic farm, certified by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. The company has also committed to sourcing ingredients from sustainable and fair-trade suppliers.

Jurlique’s goal is a 20% reduction of energy and water consumption by 2015. “At our manufacturing site and farm, we have undertaken a comprehensive energy audit to determine our current energy usage and potential efficiency projects,” Pietz reports. “We currently have multiple projects underway to conserve energy, including a comprehensive behavioral change campaign to educate our staff on the benefits, both environmental and economic, of energy conservation.”