Spa Treatments: Catering to Male Athletes


Spa: Miraval Resorts Spa, Tucson, AZ

Service: The Athlete’s Massage ($230/ 80 min.)

Key Benefits: The service benefits both pre- and post-activity clients by stretching out connective tissue, opening and releasing the fascia of muscles, opening up joints, providing greater range of movement and enhancing flexibility.

Ideal Client: Outdoorsy athletes who engage in hiking or mountain bike rides.

Treatment Highlights: The massage also incorporates Arnica oil, which is noted for its anti-inflammatory properties and bruise-healing benefits. “Many active folks experience lower-body injury or strain, and with Thai and deep massage, muscles all over the body get a tremendous amount of work,” explains Simon Marxer, spa director. “This service both prevents injury, and aids in recovery after activity.”

Selling Points: Marxer recommends, when dealing with male athletes, focusing on the outcome or impact of treatment; drawing attention to male-friendly features (Miraval, for example, extols its men’s hammam); associating with a local cycling team or running club; and providing an educational component, such as having therapists explain the physiology behind what clients are feeling (hence, therapists should have a general knowledge of the workings of the musculoskeletal system).