various females and their makeup looks

Spa RETAIL: Know Your Clients' Makeup Styles

Identify each female client’s preferred makeup style—and watch your profit margin become more attractive!


Continuing Education

It's "back to school" o'clock—check out latest educational resources and strategies for day spas.


WEB EXCLUSIVE: Social Deal Participation: Point and Counterpoint

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SiSpa's Charitable "Give Back" Program

With a rotating cadre of partners, this spa rallies its clients around a <em>multitude</em> of worthy initiatives.


Your Wellness Spa: Wellness Spa Snapshot

Healthy Spaces Wellness Spa & Water Bar provides deep healing with a time-tested and <em>attractive</em> therapy.


Your Wellness Spa: Japanese Rock Bathing

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The Young and the Hirable

Putting a teen on the payroll? Get familiar with child labor laws first.


The Face of Youth

Modern science, cultural wisdom and Mother Nature supply myriad ways for day spas to address adolescent acne.


Front of Avenue Plaza

A Resurrected Retreat

A New Orleans-based mobile spa builds a foundation to weather any storm.


Ace Hotel & Swim Club exterior

Spa Review: Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs

Palm Springs’ Feel Good Spa attracts young spa-goers in droves, and imparts a buoyant sense of youth to everyone else.