Prairie Walkway

Beating The Odds

Fortitude and a winning working environment have paid off for the owners of Kneaded Relief Day Spa & Wellness.


Beauty Bosses Slideshow

It’s been almost 8 years since this mother-daughter team opened their own spa and wellness center. DAYSPA checks in to see how they’ve fared.


Heading Off Migraines

A new understanding of migraine headaches reveals how spas can help.



What you need to know to navigate your 2011 tax forms


Aspira Spa therapsit gathering cedar

Local Heroes

Meet four creative spa professionals who’ve lowered their carbon—and budget—costs with locally sourced ingredients.


Spa RECIPES: Healing Spices from Alchemy Arts Center

A refreshing blend of spices from Alchemy Arts Center


Healing a Broken Budget

How to get your business—and yourself—into financial shape for the year.


It's a Wrap!

Enhance guests' well-being—and your bottom line—with the latest detoxifying wraps.


Spotlight On...Tipping

Do you include gratuity in the price of spa services?


Aqua Salon Owners and staff

Mane Mavens

Hair loss can be a devastating experience. The owners of Aqua Salon Spa are helping to reverse the trauma.