Waste Not, Want Not

Check out four facilities that have mastered the art of composting–to great greening <em>and</em> beautifying effect!
Osmosis has used compost since the 1980s!

Absolute Nirvana Spa & Gardens

absolutenirvana.com, Santa Fe, NM
Any spa that has “gardens” in its title is a no-brainer candidate for composting. For Absolute Nirvana, the practice jives perfectly with the spa’s commitment to going green in every possible arena.

Owner Carolyn Lee is pleased with the results so far, noting, “Our overall trash load is reduced, and the fruit, flower petals, coffee grounds, and organic vegetable remains break down into a highly nutritious, earthy substance that’s great for garden health.” Lee advises spa owners to look into using compost balls—large, bowling ball-shaped tumblers that heat and help break down waste. These balls minimize the labor involved with composting, such as frequent stirring of waste.

Lee also advises training your staff, via meetings and thorough written materials, on trash material delegation. Like Jivana, Absolute Nirvana facilitates client education by stating its composting efforts on its website.

Staff members must be on board, explains Lee, because the biggest potential problem with composting occurs when employees neglect the tending of the backyard composter: A nasty smell will develop and the materials become more difficult to deal with! However, with regular stirring and maintenance, such issues are avoided. Plus, Lee finds, her composting policy has impacted others. “A number of our staff members now compost at home,” she says. “I like to think the spa influenced this practice in their own lives.”